25 June 2010


Salam to all readers.. this week I have had a very fantastic, challenging week in my entire life. The life of an IB student had continued as usual. The are so many assignments to be done. Whatever it is, I do believe that, I will try my very best to complete it as soon as possible and Allah will take care of the rest. Just have faith on Him

Next, wow, I still could not believe that I am one of the seniors now..There are lots of things to do as a senior. To guide my juniors is not easy though. It takes time to create such a powerful IKHWAN in KMB. InshaAllah, Allah will guide and accompany us along the way to achieve that dream. Besides, I have 3 juniors under me that I have to look after. They are actually another 3 scholarship holders from FELDA. Hopefully they manage to adapt with the environment here, in KMB. (they are a lot of people from higher status here)..I hope they will fine.

During the orientation day, it was actually chaotic with all those people (new students) and the sellers (my friends) and etc...anyway, it was fun because, there were so many stalls on that day. As for myself, I can buy many things; different foods, donuts and wall sticker for my room) and guess what? my room now is more beautiful now..(like a tadika kot)..hahaha..

oh, before I forgot, tomorrow I have National Mathematics Olimpiat at INTEC, at the first place, it felt very lucky to be chosen to represent my college in such a prestige competition(alhamdulillah)..but then, I just finished discussing some of the questions with my super2 senior just now, (he was the malaysia's representative for World Olimpiat)..and i only could do some of the some questions (get it??)..the questions that he had given us were somehow pretty interesting and challenging..but yet, it was fun indeed...wish me luck then for tomorrow...

All in all, thanks Allah for giving me space to write in this blog...(^_^)

p/s: Who wants to comment, you can do so, I think the comment box is available now...

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