25 June 2010


Salam to all readers.. this week I have had a very fantastic, challenging week in my entire life. The life of an IB student had continued as usual. The are so many assignments to be done. Whatever it is, I do believe that, I will try my very best to complete it as soon as possible and Allah will take care of the rest. Just have faith on Him

Next, wow, I still could not believe that I am one of the seniors now..There are lots of things to do as a senior. To guide my juniors is not easy though. It takes time to create such a powerful IKHWAN in KMB. InshaAllah, Allah will guide and accompany us along the way to achieve that dream. Besides, I have 3 juniors under me that I have to look after. They are actually another 3 scholarship holders from FELDA. Hopefully they manage to adapt with the environment here, in KMB. (they are a lot of people from higher status here)..I hope they will fine.

During the orientation day, it was actually chaotic with all those people (new students) and the sellers (my friends) and etc...anyway, it was fun because, there were so many stalls on that day. As for myself, I can buy many things; different foods, donuts and wall sticker for my room) and guess what? my room now is more beautiful now..(like a tadika kot)..hahaha..

oh, before I forgot, tomorrow I have National Mathematics Olimpiat at INTEC, at the first place, it felt very lucky to be chosen to represent my college in such a prestige competition(alhamdulillah)..but then, I just finished discussing some of the questions with my super2 senior just now, (he was the malaysia's representative for World Olimpiat)..and i only could do some of the some questions (get it??)..the questions that he had given us were somehow pretty interesting and challenging..but yet, it was fun indeed...wish me luck then for tomorrow...

All in all, thanks Allah for giving me space to write in this blog...(^_^)

p/s: Who wants to comment, you can do so, I think the comment box is available now...

21 June 2010

Semester 3

I still cannot believe myself as a senior in KMB, it was like yesterday I was drooling looking at the batman and wanted to be like him someday and today, I am still drooling here in KMB struggling to accomplish my International Baccalaureate. huh, but yet, I still have another 2 semesters and this is the golden chance that I have to grab.

Another 3 more hours, life as an IB student will continue as usual. Tell you the truth, my life will get more suffer,hectic + extremely stressed etc however, I do believe that, with supports from teachers as well as friends and not to forget my beloved parents, things will get better and easier, InshaAllah.

This is the last semester for me to get the honor roll's award. Its pretty damn hard to get this award. IMPOSSIBLE IS IMPOSSIBLE right? What I need to do is, double or maybe triple the level of hardworking. In addition, what I need is 99% hardworking and only 1% genius...hopefully I will get the award. I was envying the people who has gotten the award...hmm, just believe in Allah because He knows better than me.

Ok, here are my missions for this semester
1) complete all the assignments as soon as possible
3) need more consultation, especially sciences subjects
4) Try to get 36 and above (Honor Roll)

Hopefully, I can be more disciplined...GAMBATEH!!!!!

Praise To Allah

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, I managed to create such a wonderful blog. Thanks Allah, without You, I am nothing.. Anyway, this is my new blog, hopefully it will last long since I need to record/write what I have been trough in a day. I think, if I do so, my life would be more meaningful because I can share my experiences with my friends though.

Nonetheless, it took me for about two hours to complete this blog From editing the templates (actually, I have to choose quite a lot of templates)to posting and I think, black and white will suit me the most, Thats why I chose this theme to be used as a template. At the first place, I wanted to complete my world literature and its pretty important in this semester. But then, lack of ideas has leaded me to this blog..haha

Nevertheless, I did not waste my time since blogging also important to myself..huhu..
Anyway,I need to prepare myself to tomorrow and really need to have enough sleep...
So long.............

20 June 2010

The Goals

Salam, hi there, this is my first post for this blog. Even though I have not written anything and writing was not my interest at all when I was a kid or maybe teenager now, but then, I do think, by using such thing like blogging, we can express ourselves, we can share our experiences and MAYBE if we do not like somebody, we can ask for advices from our friends... So what are actually my goals of having this blog?

Well first thing first, I think this is the time for me to improve my writing skills. What I am trying to say here is, even though everybody can write even little sister can write an essay very well, but then, in terms of using correct punctuation, words and etc, only few people can it in a correct way. In a way, I really hope that, by writing in this blog can develop my skills in writing and you know, who knows, maybe I can use it in my exam.

Besides that, everybody in my college has their own blog (OK, not everybody, ALMOST I think is the correct word to be used here (^__^)..so, when I read their post especially the wonderful experiences, the stories of their families and etc, it has made me realize that, we actually can share our stories not only for friends but perhaps for people all around the world..

Orait, I thinks thats it for today, I need to attend a KHUTBAH competition for give a full support for my friends....so long