20 June 2010

The Goals

Salam, hi there, this is my first post for this blog. Even though I have not written anything and writing was not my interest at all when I was a kid or maybe teenager now, but then, I do think, by using such thing like blogging, we can express ourselves, we can share our experiences and MAYBE if we do not like somebody, we can ask for advices from our friends... So what are actually my goals of having this blog?

Well first thing first, I think this is the time for me to improve my writing skills. What I am trying to say here is, even though everybody can write even little sister can write an essay very well, but then, in terms of using correct punctuation, words and etc, only few people can it in a correct way. In a way, I really hope that, by writing in this blog can develop my skills in writing and you know, who knows, maybe I can use it in my exam.

Besides that, everybody in my college has their own blog (OK, not everybody, ALMOST I think is the correct word to be used here (^__^)..so, when I read their post especially the wonderful experiences, the stories of their families and etc, it has made me realize that, we actually can share our stories not only for friends but perhaps for people all around the world..

Orait, I thinks thats it for today, I need to attend a KHUTBAH competition for give a full support for my friends....so long

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adlan wafi said...


u did make a wise decision to improve ur writing skills by having a blog. i am a living proof, alhamdulillah ^^

keep writing and u'll be fine, insyaAllah ;)