21 June 2010

Semester 3

I still cannot believe myself as a senior in KMB, it was like yesterday I was drooling looking at the batman and wanted to be like him someday and today, I am still drooling here in KMB struggling to accomplish my International Baccalaureate. huh, but yet, I still have another 2 semesters and this is the golden chance that I have to grab.

Another 3 more hours, life as an IB student will continue as usual. Tell you the truth, my life will get more suffer,hectic + extremely stressed etc however, I do believe that, with supports from teachers as well as friends and not to forget my beloved parents, things will get better and easier, InshaAllah.

This is the last semester for me to get the honor roll's award. Its pretty damn hard to get this award. IMPOSSIBLE IS IMPOSSIBLE right? What I need to do is, double or maybe triple the level of hardworking. In addition, what I need is 99% hardworking and only 1% genius...hopefully I will get the award. I was envying the people who has gotten the award...hmm, just believe in Allah because He knows better than me.

Ok, here are my missions for this semester
1) complete all the assignments as soon as possible
3) need more consultation, especially sciences subjects
4) Try to get 36 and above (Honor Roll)

Hopefully, I can be more disciplined...GAMBATEH!!!!!