21 June 2010

Praise To Allah

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah, I managed to create such a wonderful blog. Thanks Allah, without You, I am nothing.. Anyway, this is my new blog, hopefully it will last long since I need to record/write what I have been trough in a day. I think, if I do so, my life would be more meaningful because I can share my experiences with my friends though.

Nonetheless, it took me for about two hours to complete this blog From editing the templates (actually, I have to choose quite a lot of templates)to posting and I think, black and white will suit me the most, Thats why I chose this theme to be used as a template. At the first place, I wanted to complete my world literature and its pretty important in this semester. But then, lack of ideas has leaded me to this blog..haha

Nevertheless, I did not waste my time since blogging also important to myself..huhu..
Anyway,I need to prepare myself to tomorrow and really need to have enough sleep...
So long.............

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