21 November 2010

KMB=Kami Makin Berdisiplin (erkk)...

Well, for the upcoming two weeks, I am going to be really busy with:- (check out the list below)

1) World Literature (to be submitted tomorrow)
2)EE (arrhhh, I am dying right now)
3)IRP notes on SAGA + lORONG MIDAQ (what theee......none touched)
4)Econs Commentaries (to be edited SOON.....)
5)sem 3 EXAM!!!! (where is DOREMON!!!! NEED your assistance now!!!)

Oh ya!! before I forgot, since I have bounded to UK (alhamdulillah), I have only 8 choices!! (theoretically) because we have London School of Economics, King College and Oxbridge (not to be forgotten though)...and Warwirck!!!!! (arhhh, all these universities DO NOT OFFER ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS!!!) ARHHH,, (do I have to fight....AGAIN for my right!!! I think I had enough!!!)..Basically, I have 2 choices only for my UCAS

1) ucl

frankly speaking, this matter is not a big problem (buat masa skang ni)

Tomorrow is going to be like ............................(speechless)

Lets soaring up high!!!!!

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